I just love books. Ever since I was a little girl, I just loved the magic of opening up a new book, and being absorbed into a new world. As I got older, this passion just stuck with me - and I am currently not only an IT Geek but also an MSLIS-holding librarian!

I am a silly chick living in NYC with her husband and a wonderfully adorable kitty named Frasier. I constantly make resolutions I can't stick to and I don't understand at all why people like chocolate.

Recently, though, I have been really trying to commit myself to reading more and documenting my thoughts and ideas about books. This tends to lead me to write reviews or to bitch and moan to my friends about characters I loathe or lines from books that make me melt. Writing reviews leads me to reading reviews and thus, I get caught up in a whole world of book blogs. These blogs give me ideas about books I’d like to read in a never-ending wish list of titles.

Since I now read book blogs pretty regularly, I finally decided to add my own into the mix – not so much for the attention as for a concise place where I can document every moment of my book obsession.

What do I read? Everything!
I go through periods where I’m really into one genre or another but I really don’t discriminate (which is part of the problem). Currently, my genres/topics of interest are: historical romance, paranormal romance, vampires, anything about Louisiana, the Middle East (culture), World War II, Oprah's Book Club picks, rock biographies, Tudor England, post-apocalyptic lit, zombies, Nabokov, polygamy, dystopian, Marie Antoinette, and many more! I really taken an interest to most topics so this list is always sure to change.

Questions? Comments? Shoot me an email!

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